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Pink Apple Bottoms Parties

We are hosting girls-only parties across the country! If you are looking for a super fun girl's night in with lots of laughs, sexy lingerie and toys, then a Pink Apple Bottoms Party is just what you need!

Some great reasons to book a party:

  • Fun way to bond with the girls
  • You can try before you buy
  • Held in the comfort of your own home
  • Free delivery

During the week, agents will only be able to make evening functions BUT you don't have to have your party at night over the weekend, you can have it any time of day on a Saturday and Sunday!

To find out if there is an agent in your area, contact us

What parties include:- Pink Apple Bottoms agents will bring the "entertainment", in other words the lingerie, the catalogue and the sex toys. It is up to the hostess (the person making the booking) to decide who is invited, when the party is held and what is served!